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GENtle Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ABItypeReads files in ABI format
AlignmentAppearanceDialogThe class implementing the "Alignment appearance" dialog in the alignment module
aln_posPart of the ClustalW package
AutoAnnotateScans database(s) for known features in the current sequence
blastThreadA wxThreadHelper class to run BLAST queries in the background
CGdialogThis class contains the settings dialog for the CGviewer export function
CGviewThis class manages the CGview export
ChildBaseThe base class for all modules
cmd_line_dataPart of the ClustalW package
colorPart of the ClustalW package
EILBThe External Interface List Box class, a specialized wxHtmlListBox
EIpanelThe External Interface panel class
elementPart of the IPC package
ExternalInterfaceThe External Interface ChildBase class
FindSequenceDialogThe class implementing the "Find" dialog in various ChildBase modules
GPOUTPart of the IPC package
ipc_compoundPart of the IPC package
isotopePart of the IPC package
MatMenuPart of the ClustalW package
MatMenuEntryPart of the ClustalW package
menu_itemPart of the ClustalW package
MyAppApplication class
MyChildThe very, very, *very* important module to handle DNA in all its beauty!
myExternalThis class is a wrapper around HTTP GET commands
MyFrameFrame class
MyFrameDropTargetThe class that handles drag'n'drop events for MyFrame
MySplitterSpecialized class based on wxSplitterWindow; used in MyChild to separate the different parts of the module
nodePart of the ClustalW package
panel_dataPart of the ClustalW package
PCR_troubleshoot_dialogThe class implementing the PCR troubleshooting dialog
PlasmidCanvasThe class to draw the DNA map, as well as the mini-map in the amino acid module
prettyoptsPart of the ClustalW package
ProgramOptionsDialogThe dialog containing program end enzyme global settings
rangePart of the ClustalW package
rangeNumPart of the ClustalW package
ReadSeqVarsPart of the ClustalW package
SeqAASequence display class showing amino acids
SeqAAstructureSequence display class showing amino acids
SeqABISequence display class showing ABI sequencer peaks
SeqAlignSequence display class showing alignments
SeqBasicThe parent class for all sequence types, including DNA, amino acids, features, restriction sites, ABI peaks, etc
SeqBlankSequence display class showing a blank line
SeqDividerSequence display class showing a horizontal divider
SeqDNASequence display class showing DNA
SeqFeatureSequence display class showing annotated features
SeqNumSequence display class showing numbers "inline"
SeqPlotSequence display class showing plot data in the amino acid module
SeqPosSeqPos manages the positions of all items for a single "type" (for example, DNA)
SeqPrimerSequence display class showing primers
SeqRestrictionSequence display class showing restriction sites
SequenceCanvasThe main sequence display class
SequenceCharMarkupThis class contains the markup of a single character (borders, fore- and background)
SequencePartListThis class assists in the restriction site layout
SeriesMatPart of the ClustalW package
spanelPart of the ClustalW package
spec_pointsPart of the IPC package
TAAPropThis class manages amino acid properties; so 20 total. Used by the static part of TVector
TABIviewerThe ABI (sequencer data) viewer module class
TAlignLineHelper class for TAlignment; represents a line (a sequence) in the alignment
TAlignmentThe alignment module class. Note: this is actually a child class of both ChildBase and wxThreadHelper!
TAlignmentDialogThe alignment settings dialog
TAminoAcidsThe amino acid sequence display module
TAutoAnnotateDialogThe dialog class for the AutoAnnotate class/function
TCalculatorThe calculator module
TCloneThe CLONE format import/export class
TClone_EnzymeTemporarily stores an enzyme
TClone_GeneTemporarily stores an item
TCloningAssistantThe cloning assistant module
Tdna2aaThis class stores a codon and the corresponding amino acid. Used by TVector
TEnzymeDialogA dialog to display/edit enzyme properties
TEnzymeRulesStores, loads, stores, and compares enzyme settings
TEnzymeSettingsTabThe "tab" for global and per-sequence enzyme/methylation/etc. settings
TextImportDialogThe dialog where one can enter a sequence manually
TFLAGHelper class for ABItype
TFragmentA restriction fragment (from, to, length)
TGelLaneThis class represents a lane on a virtual gel
TGenBankGenBank format import/export class
TGenBankFeatureHelper class for TGenBank
TGraphThe graph drawing module
TGraphDataThe class containing xy-data for graph drawing
TGraphDisplayThe display class, containing graphs and scales; essentially, a "tab"
TGraphScaleThe class containing a scale used in the graph
TGridBasicThe base class for each calculator submodule (grid/sheet)
TGridDataThe codon table calculator submodule
TGridDNAThe DNA concentration/purity calculator submodule
TGridLigationThe ligation calculator submodule
TGridProteinThe protein concentration calculator submodule
TImageDisplayThe image display module
TIMGitemAnnotation drawing class
TIMGreaderThis class can read the ancient BioRad IMG format (most of the time...)
TIPCPart of the IPC package
TIPC_ELEMENTPart of the IPC package
TIPC_PARSPart of the IPC package
TIPCDialogThe dialog handling the TIPC settings
TItemEditDialogDialog to set item/feature color, offset, type etc.; called from TVectorEditor
TLigationDialogThe ligation dialog class
TMainTreeThe main tree class
TMainTreeItemItem in TMainTree
TManageDatabaseDialogThe database interface dialog; opening, storing, searching sequences
TMarkMemThis helper class of SequenceCanvas can memorize a marking of the sequences, and restore it
TMyDropTargetHandles drag'n'drop events for items dragged between the two database lists in TManageDatabaseDialog
TMyGelControlThis class handles a single virtual gel for TVirtualGel, using TGelLane lanes
TMyImagePanelThis class represents the actual image displayed by TImageDisplay
TMyMultipleChoiceDialogA dialog for multiple choices
TMySQLDialogCreates the dialog for entering parameters to add a MySQL database
TOnlineToolsTOnlineTools class
TORFThis class manages open reading frames (ORFs)
TPDBCan parse PDB files and generated annotated TVector sequences
TPhyloTreeThe phylogenetic tree module
TPrimerThis class holds and generates information about a primer
TPrimerDesignThe virtual PCR/primer design module
TPrimerDialogThe dialog to optimize primers
TProjectProject class
TProteaseClass to store a protease
TProteaseCutClass to store a protease cut
TransformSequenceDialogTiny dialog for transforming a DNA sequence
TREcacheRestriction enzyme site cache
TRestrictionCutStores a specific cut of a restriction enzyme
TRestrictionEditorThe restriction editor dialog class
TRestrictionEnzymeStores a restriction enzyme
TSantaLuciaThe class implementing a "Santa Lucia" free energy set
tseqresHelper class for TPDB, holds the TVector objects for each parsed PDB chain
TSequencingPrimerDialogThe dialog for settings when searching for sequencing primers
TSilmutDialogSilent mutation dialog
TSilmutItemHelper class for TSilmutDialog
TSQLresultThis class stores the results from SQL queries
TStorageThis is the famous storage class. It manages all MySQL and sqlite traffic
TTreeItemItem in TVectorTree
TUndoThis class stores TVector objects for the undo function
TUReadSeqThis is a wrapper class for ureadseq, which can read many sequence formats
TURLtextA text control highlighting URLs
TVectorThis class stores all sequence information, both DNA and amino acids
TVectorEditorThe sequence edit dialog
TVectorItemThis class stores a vector item
TVectorTreeThe vector items tree class
TVirtualGelThe virtual gel module
TXMLfileThis class is a wrapper around the tinyxml software, specialized for GenBankXML format
UserMatSeriesPart of the ClustalW package

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