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ABItype Member List

This is the complete list of members for ABItype, including all inherited members.

getCMBF(unsigned char *t, int l)ABItype
getFlag(unsigned char *t, int &from)ABItype
getInt1(unsigned char *t, int &from)ABItype
getInt10(unsigned char *t, int &from)ABItype
getInt2(unsigned char *t, int &from)ABItype
getInt4(unsigned char *t, int &from)ABItype
getMacOffset(unsigned char *t)ABItype
getRecord(wxString id, int num)ABItype
getRecordPascalString(wxString id, int num)ABItype
getRecordValue(wxString id, int num)ABItype
getSequence(int num=2)ABItype
getStr(unsigned char *t, int from, int len)ABItype
getText(unsigned char *t, int &from)ABItype
parse(wxString filename)ABItype

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