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AlignmentAppearanceDialog Class Reference

The class implementing the "Alignment appearance" dialog in the alignment module. More...

#include <AlignmentAppearanceDialog.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AlignmentAppearanceDialog (wxWindow *_parent, const wxString &title)
 ~AlignmentAppearanceDialog ()
virtual void setup (int _from, int _to, int _firstline, int _lastline, TAlignment *_ali)
 Setup from marked region.
virtual void OnLineColorButton (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Line color button event handler.
virtual void OnForegroundButton (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Foreground color button event handler.
virtual void OnBackgroundButton (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Background color button event handler.
virtual void OnOK (wxCommandEvent &event)
 OK button event handler.
virtual void OnCancel (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Cancel button event handler.
virtual void OnReset (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Reset button event handler.
virtual void OnCharHook (wxKeyEvent &event)
 Key event handler.

Private Member Functions

void set_pen (SequenceCharMarkup &scm, int id, int border)
 Sets a pen in the markup object; used by OnOK.
void addLine (wxString name, wxArrayString &as, wxFlexGridSizer *sizer)
 Adds a line of elements (radio boxes, buttons).

Private Attributes

vector< wxRadioBox * > radioboxes
vector< wxSpinCtrl * > thickness
vector< wxColour > colors
int line_color_buttons
wxCheckBox * use_foreground
wxCheckBox * use_background
wxCheckBox * bold
wxCheckBox * italics
wxColour color_foreground
wxColour color_background
int from
int to
int firstline
int lastline
 Pointer to the alignment.

Detailed Description

The class implementing the "Alignment appearance" dialog in the alignment module.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AlignmentAppearanceDialog::AlignmentAppearanceDialog wxWindow *  _parent,
const wxString &  title


AlignmentAppearanceDialog::~AlignmentAppearanceDialog  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void AlignmentAppearanceDialog::addLine wxString  name,
wxArrayString &  as,
wxFlexGridSizer *  sizer

Adds a line of elements (radio boxes, buttons).

void AlignmentAppearanceDialog::OnBackgroundButton wxCommandEvent &  event  )  [virtual]

Background color button event handler.

void AlignmentAppearanceDialog::OnCancel wxCommandEvent &  event  )  [virtual]

Cancel button event handler.

void AlignmentAppearanceDialog::OnCharHook wxKeyEvent &  event  )  [virtual]

Key event handler.

void AlignmentAppearanceDialog::OnForegroundButton wxCommandEvent &  event  )  [virtual]

Foreground color button event handler.

void AlignmentAppearanceDialog::OnLineColorButton wxCommandEvent &  event  )  [virtual]

Line color button event handler.

void AlignmentAppearanceDialog::OnOK wxCommandEvent &  event  )  [virtual]

OK button event handler.

void AlignmentAppearanceDialog::OnReset wxCommandEvent &  event  )  [virtual]

Reset button event handler.

void AlignmentAppearanceDialog::set_pen SequenceCharMarkup scm,
int  id,
int  border

Sets a pen in the markup object; used by OnOK.

void AlignmentAppearanceDialog::setup int  _from,
int  _to,
int  _firstline,
int  _lastline,
TAlignment _ali

Setup from marked region.

Member Data Documentation

TAlignment* AlignmentAppearanceDialog::ali [private]

Pointer to the alignment.

wxCheckBox * AlignmentAppearanceDialog::bold [private]

wxColour AlignmentAppearanceDialog::color_background [private]

wxColour AlignmentAppearanceDialog::color_foreground [private]

vector<wxColour> AlignmentAppearanceDialog::colors [private]

int AlignmentAppearanceDialog::firstline [private]

int AlignmentAppearanceDialog::from [private]

wxCheckBox * AlignmentAppearanceDialog::italics [private]

int AlignmentAppearanceDialog::lastline [private]

int AlignmentAppearanceDialog::line_color_buttons [private]

vector<wxRadioBox*> AlignmentAppearanceDialog::radioboxes [private]

vector<wxSpinCtrl*> AlignmentAppearanceDialog::thickness [private]

int AlignmentAppearanceDialog::to [private]

wxCheckBox * AlignmentAppearanceDialog::use_background [private]

wxCheckBox* AlignmentAppearanceDialog::use_foreground [private]

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