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AutoAnnotate Member List

This is the complete list of members for AutoAnnotate, including all inherited members.

additionalDatabaseAutoAnnotate [private]
addORFs(TVector *v)AutoAnnotate [private]
alreadyinAutoAnnotate [private]
AutoAnnotate(MyChild *_p=NULL)AutoAnnotate
commonVectorsDatabaseAutoAnnotate [private]
dbfileAutoAnnotate [private]
dbnameAutoAnnotate [private]
doAddORFsAutoAnnotate [private]
machete(TVector *v)AutoAnnotate [private]
MatchItem(TVector *tv, TVectorItem &item, TVector *v, wxString &oseq)AutoAnnotate [private]
pAutoAnnotate [private]
RawMatch(TVectorItem &item, TVector *v, wxString &oseq, wxString &s)AutoAnnotate [private]
ScanDatabase(wxString database)AutoAnnotate [private]
TAutoAnnotateDialog classAutoAnnotate [friend]
useAdditionalDatabaseAutoAnnotate [private]
useCommonDatabaseAutoAnnotate [private]
useMacheteAutoAnnotate [private]
within(TVectorItem &i1, TVectorItem &i2, TVector *v)AutoAnnotate [private]
~AutoAnnotate()AutoAnnotate [inline]

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