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SequenceCharMarkup Class Reference

This class contains the markup of a single character (borders, fore- and background). More...

#include <SequenceCanvas.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SequenceCharMarkup ()
void draw (wxDC &dc, const wxRect &rect, wxString s, int mode, int lastx=-1)
wxString getXML ()
void setFromXML (TiXmlNode *base)

Public Attributes

bool ignore
wxColour textcolor
wxColour backcolor
int borders
wxPen borderTop
wxPen borderBottom
wxPen borderLeft
wxPen borderRight
bool bold
bool italics

Private Member Functions

wxString getColorXML (wxString name, wxColour c)
wxString getPenXML (wxPen &pen)
wxString getSafeXML (const char *x)
wxColour getColorFromXML (wxString s)
wxPen getPenFromXML (TiXmlElement *e)

Detailed Description

This class contains the markup of a single character (borders, fore- and background).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SequenceCharMarkup::SequenceCharMarkup  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void SequenceCharMarkup::draw wxDC &  dc,
const wxRect &  rect,
wxString  s,
int  mode,
int  lastx = -1

wxColour SequenceCharMarkup::getColorFromXML wxString  s  )  [private]

wxString SequenceCharMarkup::getColorXML wxString  name,
wxColour  c

wxPen SequenceCharMarkup::getPenFromXML TiXmlElement e  )  [private]

wxString SequenceCharMarkup::getPenXML wxPen &  pen  )  [private]

wxString SequenceCharMarkup::getSafeXML const char *  x  )  [private]

wxString SequenceCharMarkup::getXML  ) 

void SequenceCharMarkup::setFromXML TiXmlNode base  ) 

Member Data Documentation

wxColour SequenceCharMarkup::backcolor

bool SequenceCharMarkup::bold

wxPen SequenceCharMarkup::borderBottom

wxPen SequenceCharMarkup::borderLeft

wxPen SequenceCharMarkup::borderRight

int SequenceCharMarkup::borders


wxPen SequenceCharMarkup::borderTop

bool SequenceCharMarkup::ignore

bool SequenceCharMarkup::italics

wxColour SequenceCharMarkup::textcolor

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