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TAAProp Class Reference

This class manages amino acid properties; so 20 total. Used by the static part of TVector. More...

#include <TVector.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAAProp ()
 ~TAAProp ()
void set_cf (int pa, int pb, int pt, float f0, float f1, float f2, float f3)
 Some data.
void set_data (float _mw, float _pi, wxString _tla)
 Molecular weight, isoelectric point, three-letter acronym.
void set_hp (float _hp_kd, float _hp_hw)
 More data.
void set_atoms (int C, int H, int N, int O, int S)
 Atoms in this amino acid.
void set_halflife (int mammal, int yeast, int ecoli)
 Half-life (not the game!).
wxString get_halflife_text (int hl)
 Returns half-life estimation.

Public Attributes

wxString tla
 Three-letter acronym.
float mw
float pi
float cf_f [4]
 Some data.
int cf_pa
int cf_pb
int cf_pt
int carbon
int hydrogen
int nitrogen
int oxygen
int sulfur
int hl_mammal
int hl_yeast
int hl_ecoli
float hp_kd
float hp_hw
vector< float > data
 For temporary data only.

Detailed Description

This class manages amino acid properties; so 20 total. Used by the static part of TVector.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAAProp::TAAProp  ) 


TAAProp::~TAAProp  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

wxString TAAProp::get_halflife_text int  hl  ) 

Returns half-life estimation.

void TAAProp::set_atoms int  C,
int  H,
int  N,
int  O,
int  S

Atoms in this amino acid.

void TAAProp::set_cf int  pa,
int  pb,
int  pt,
float  f0,
float  f1,
float  f2,
float  f3

Some data.

void TAAProp::set_data float  _mw,
float  _pi,
wxString  _tla

Molecular weight, isoelectric point, three-letter acronym.

void TAAProp::set_halflife int  mammal,
int  yeast,
int  ecoli

Half-life (not the game!).

void TAAProp::set_hp float  _hp_kd,
float  _hp_hw

More data.

Member Data Documentation

int TAAProp::carbon

float TAAProp::cf_f[4]

Some data.

int TAAProp::cf_pa

int TAAProp::cf_pb

int TAAProp::cf_pt

vector<float> TAAProp::data

For temporary data only.

int TAAProp::hl_ecoli

int TAAProp::hl_mammal

int TAAProp::hl_yeast

float TAAProp::hp_hw

float TAAProp::hp_kd

int TAAProp::hydrogen

float TAAProp::mw

int TAAProp::nitrogen

int TAAProp::oxygen

float TAAProp::pi

int TAAProp::sulfur

wxString TAAProp::tla

Three-letter acronym.

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