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TClone Member List

This is the complete list of members for TClone, including all inherited members.

a2i(wxString &s)TClone [inline, private]
cleanup()TClone [private]
cmp(const wxString &s1, const wxString &s2)TClone [private]
descriptionTClone [private]
enzymesTClone [private]
filenameTClone [private]
genesTClone [private]
isLinearTClone [private]
linear_e1TClone [private]
linear_e2TClone [private]
linear_s1TClone [private]
linear_s2TClone [private]
load(wxString s)TClone
loadEnzymeList(TStorage *st, wxString filename)TClone
nameTClone [private]
parseLines(wxArrayString &v, char *t, long l)TClone [private]
remap(TVector *v)TClone
save(wxString s=_T(""))TClone
separateNames(wxString &s1, wxString &s2)TClone [private]
sequenceTClone [private]
sizeTClone [private]

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