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TClone_Gene Class Reference

Temporarily stores an item. More...

#include <TClone.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TClone_Gene ()
 TClone_Gene (const TClone_Gene &g)
 ~TClone_Gene ()
int getRealEnd ()
 Returns converted item end.
int getRealBegin ()
 Returns converted item start.
void setCCW (bool x)
 Sets orientation (Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise).
bool getCCW ()
 Returns orientation.
int cmp (const wxString &s1, const wxString &s2)
 String comparison.

Public Attributes

wxString fullname
wxString shortname
wxString direction
wxString five
wxString type
int begin
int end

Detailed Description

Temporarily stores an item.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TClone_Gene::TClone_Gene  )  [inline]

TClone_Gene::TClone_Gene const TClone_Gene g  ) 


TClone_Gene::~TClone_Gene  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

int TClone_Gene::cmp const wxString &  s1,
const wxString &  s2

String comparison.

bool TClone_Gene::getCCW  ) 

Returns orientation.

int TClone_Gene::getRealBegin  ) 

Returns converted item start.

int TClone_Gene::getRealEnd  ) 

Returns converted item end.

void TClone_Gene::setCCW bool  x  ) 

Sets orientation (Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise).

Member Data Documentation

int TClone_Gene::begin

wxString TClone_Gene::direction

int TClone_Gene::end

wxString TClone_Gene::five

wxString TClone_Gene::fullname

wxString TClone_Gene::shortname

wxString TClone_Gene::type

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