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TCloningAssistantPanel Class Reference

#include <CloningAssistant.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 TCloningAssistantPanel (TCloningAssistant *_ca, wxWindow *parent)
virtual void Refresh (bool eraseBackground=true, const wxRect *rect=NULL)
virtual void OnDraw (wxDC &pdc)
virtual void OnPaint (wxPaintEvent &event)
 Paint event handler.
virtual void OnEvent (wxMouseEvent &event)
 Mouse event handler.
virtual void OnSize (wxSizeEvent &event)
void arrange ()

Private Member Functions

void do_drop (TDDR *source, TDDR *target)

Private Attributes

TDDR_Timer timer
wxPoint drag_diff
wxPoint last_dragged_point


class TDDR_Timer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TCloningAssistantPanel::TCloningAssistantPanel TCloningAssistant _ca,
wxWindow *  parent

Member Function Documentation

void TCloningAssistantPanel::arrange  ) 

void TCloningAssistantPanel::do_drop TDDR source,
TDDR target

void TCloningAssistantPanel::OnDraw wxDC &  pdc  )  [virtual]

void TCloningAssistantPanel::OnEvent wxMouseEvent &  event  )  [virtual]

Mouse event handler.

void TCloningAssistantPanel::OnPaint wxPaintEvent &  event  )  [virtual]

Paint event handler.

void TCloningAssistantPanel::OnSize wxSizeEvent &  event  )  [virtual]

void TCloningAssistantPanel::Refresh bool  eraseBackground = true,
const wxRect *  rect = NULL

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class TDDR_Timer [friend]

Member Data Documentation

TCloningAssistant* TCloningAssistantPanel::ca [private]

wxPoint TCloningAssistantPanel::drag_diff [private]

TDDR* TCloningAssistantPanel::dragging [private]

TDDR * TCloningAssistantPanel::highlight [private]

wxPoint TCloningAssistantPanel::last_dragged_point [private]

TDDR_Timer TCloningAssistantPanel::timer [private]

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