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TGenBank Member List

This is the complete list of members for TGenBank, including all inherited members.

addItem(TVector *v, wxArrayString &va)TGenBank [private]
count_blanks(wxString &s)TGenBank
descriptionTGenBank [private]
doExport(TVector *v, wxArrayString &ex)TGenBank
expand(wxString init, int to, wxString with=_T(" "))TGenBank
isblankTGenBank [private]
isblankorquoteTGenBank [private]
isValidSequence(char a)TGenBank [private]
iterateItem(TVector *v, TVectorItem &i, wxString l, int tag=0)TGenBank [private]
itrim(wxString &s)TGenBank
load(wxString s)TGenBank
multitrim(wxString &s, bool quotes=true)TGenBank
MyFrame classTGenBank [friend]
paramsTGenBank [private]
parseLines()TGenBank [private]
paste(wxString s)TGenBank
permTGenBank [private]
quote(wxString pre, wxString q)TGenBank
remap(TVector *v)TGenBank
remap(TVector *v, const wxArrayString &vs, const wxArrayInt &vi)TGenBank
TAlignment classTGenBank [friend]
titleTGenBank [private]
trim(wxString s)TGenBank
trimQuotes(wxString s)TGenBank
validseqTGenBank [private]
viTGenBank [private]
vi_lTGenBank [private]
vsTGenBank [private]
vs_lTGenBank [private]
wrapit(wxArrayString &ex, wxString init, wxString data, int limit=80)TGenBank

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