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TGridData Member List

This is the complete list of members for TGridData, including all inherited members.

calculatingTGridBasic [protected]
cleanup()TGridBasic [virtual]
getDouble(int y, int x)TGridBasic [virtual]
gridSetEditable(int y, int x)TGridBasic [virtual]
gridSetEntry(int y, int x, wxString title, wxString value=_T("0"), wxString unit=_T(""))TGridBasic [virtual]
gridSetValue(int y, int x, wxString value, wxString unit=_T(""))TGridBasic [virtual]
init()TGridData [virtual]
OnCellChanged(wxGridEvent &event)TGridBasic [virtual]
OnSelectCell(wxGridEvent &event)TGridData [virtual]
print(int mode)TGridBasic [virtual]
recalc()TGridData [virtual]
TGridBasic(wxWindow *parent, int id=-1)TGridBasic
TGridData(wxWindow *parent, int id=-1)TGridData

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