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TIPC Member List

This is the complete list of members for TIPC, including all inherited members.

add_peak(isotope *base, isotope *peak)TIPC [private]
calculate_peaks(void)TIPC [private]
cut_peaks(isotope *spectrum)TIPC [private]
elementTIPC [private]
fast_calcTIPC [private]
free_list(isotope *target)TIPC [private]
gpoutTIPC [private]
GPOUT classTIPC [friend]
ipc_main(int argc, char **argv)TIPC [private]
ipc_main2(const char *filename, const char *aaseq, int f=0)TIPC
MIN_DIFTIPC [private]
MIN_INTTIPC [private]
parsTIPC [private]
peaksTIPC [private]
print_result(int digits, int charge)TIPC [private]
summarize_peaks(void)TIPC [private]
TIPC_ELEMENT classTIPC [friend]
TIPC_PARS classTIPC [friend]
usage(void)TIPC [private]
verbindungTIPC [private]

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