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TMyGelControl Member List

This is the complete list of members for TMyGelControl, including all inherited members.

drawBand(wxDC &dc, TGelLane &lane, int band)TMyGelControl [virtual]
fix_percent(int size, float perc=0)TMyGelControl [virtual]
getLanePos(int size, int height, float perc=0)TMyGelControl [virtual]
OnCopy(wxCommandEvent &event)TMyGelControl [virtual]
OnDraw(wxDC &dc)TMyGelControl [virtual]
OnDummy(wxCommandEvent &WXUNUSED(event))TMyGelControl [inline, virtual]
OnEvent(wxMouseEvent &event)TMyGelControl [virtual]
OnPaint(wxPaintEvent &event)TMyGelControl [virtual]
OnPrint(wxCommandEvent &event)TMyGelControl [virtual]
OnSaveAsBitmap(wxCommandEvent &event)TMyGelControl [virtual]
TMyGelControl(wxWindow *parent, int id=-1)TMyGelControl

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