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TMyMultipleChoiceDialog Member List

This is the complete list of members for TMyMultipleChoiceDialog, including all inherited members.

checkTMyMultipleChoiceDialog [private]
Check(int item, bool check=TRUE)TMyMultipleChoiceDialog [virtual]
CheckAll(bool check=TRUE)TMyMultipleChoiceDialog [virtual]
clbTMyMultipleChoiceDialog [private]
IsChecked(int item) const TMyMultipleChoiceDialog [virtual]
OnOK(wxCommandEvent &ev)TMyMultipleChoiceDialog [virtual]
TMyMultipleChoiceDialog(wxWindow *parent, const wxString &message, const wxString &caption, int n, const wxString choices[]=NULL, int options=wxOK|wxCANCEL|wxCENTRE, const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition)TMyMultipleChoiceDialog
~TMyMultipleChoiceDialog()TMyMultipleChoiceDialog [virtual]

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