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TORF Class Reference

This class manages open reading frames (ORFs). More...

#include <TVector.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TORF ()
 Default constructor, empty.
 TORF (int _f, int _t, int _r)
 ~TORF ()
wxString getText ()
 Destructor (empty).
void set (int _f, int _t, int _r)
int get_from ()
int get_to ()
int get_rf ()

Public Attributes

float dist1
float dist2
float deg1
float deg2

Private Attributes

int from
 Start of ORF.
int to
 End of ORF.
int rf
 Reading frame.

Detailed Description

This class manages open reading frames (ORFs).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Default constructor, empty.

TORF::TORF int  _f,
int  _t,
int  _r


TORF::~TORF  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

int TORF::get_from  )  [inline]

int TORF::get_rf  )  [inline]

int TORF::get_to  )  [inline]

wxString TORF::getText  ) 

Destructor (empty).

void TORF::set int  _f,
int  _t,
int  _r

Member Data Documentation

float TORF::deg1

float TORF::deg2

float TORF::dist1

float TORF::dist2

int TORF::from [private]

Start of ORF.

int TORF::rf [private]

Reading frame.

int TORF::to [private]

End of ORF.

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