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TPTree Member List

This is the complete list of members for TPTree, including all inherited members.

averageY()TPTree [virtual]
countLeafs()TPTree [virtual]
dedigitize(wxString &s)TPTree [private, virtual]
drawRecursive(wxDC &dc, wxString mode)TPTree [virtual]
filterDepth(int depth, vector< TPTree * > &vt)TPTree [virtual]
getAll(vector< TPTree * > &vt)TPTree [virtual]
getCurrentDepth()TPTree [virtual]
getCurrentWeight()TPTree [virtual]
getMaxDepth()TPTree [virtual]
getMaxWeight()TPTree [virtual]
getName()TPTree [inline, virtual]
getWeight()TPTree [inline, virtual]
isLeaf()TPTree [inline, virtual]
leafNumberTPTree [private]
nameTPTree [private]
numberLeafs(int i=0)TPTree [virtual]
parentTPTree [private]
scanNewick(wxString s)TPTree [virtual]
setName(wxString n)TPTree [inline, virtual]
setWeight(double w)TPTree [inline, virtual]
weightTPTree [private]
~TPTree()TPTree [virtual]

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