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TPrimerDialog Member List

This is the complete list of members for TPrimerDialog, including all inherited members.

addSpinCtrl(int id, wxString title, int x, int y, int def)TPrimerDialog
initme(TPrimer *_p, TPrimerDesign *_pd)TPrimerDialog
l3TPrimerDialog [private]
l5TPrimerDialog [private]
lcTPrimerDialog [private]
lmaxTPrimerDialog [private]
lminTPrimerDialog [private]
OnActivatePrimer(wxListEvent &event)TPrimerDialog [private]
OnCancel(wxCommandEvent &ev)TPrimerDialog [private, virtual]
OnCharHook(wxKeyEvent &event)TPrimerDialog [private]
OnOK(wxCommandEvent &ev)TPrimerDialog [private, virtual]
OnReset(wxCommandEvent &ev)TPrimerDialog [private]
OnSearch(wxCommandEvent &ev)TPrimerDialog [private]
OnSpinChanged(wxSpinEvent &ev)TPrimerDialog [private]
pdTPrimerDialog [private]
plTPrimerDialog [private]
r3TPrimerDialog [private]
r5TPrimerDialog [private]
repTPrimerDialog [private]
seqTPrimerDialog [private]
ShowCur()TPrimerDialog [private]
ShowLC()TPrimerDialog [private]
tmaxTPrimerDialog [private]
tminTPrimerDialog [private]
TPrimerDialog(wxWindow *parent, const wxString &title)TPrimerDialog
updateList()TPrimerDialog [private]

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