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TProteolysis Class Reference

#include <TProteolysis.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 TProteolysis (TAminoAcids *_parent, const wxString &title)
virtual ~TProteolysis ()
void OnOK (wxCommandEvent &ev)
 OK button event handler.
void OnCancel (wxCommandEvent &ev)
 Cancel button event handler.
void OnAll (wxCommandEvent &ev)
 "All" button event handler
void OnNone (wxCommandEvent &ev)
 "None" button event handler
void OnProtease (wxCommandEvent &ev)
 Protease list event handler.
void OnIgnore (wxCommandEvent &ev)
 Ignore list event handler.
void OnSepFragments (wxCommandEvent &ev)
 Separate fragments event handler.
void OnSepResults (wxCommandEvent &ev)
 Separation results event handler.
void OnCuts (wxCommandEvent &ev)
 Cut list event handler.
void OnShowGel (wxCommandEvent &ev)
void OnCharHook (wxKeyEvent &event)
 Key event handler.
void OnSortResults (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Sort results event handler.
void OnNumProts (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Number of proteases event handler.
virtual void draw_gel (wxDC &dc)
 Draw the virtual gel.

Private Member Functions

virtual void recalc ()
virtual void calc_cut_list ()
virtual void calc_fragment_list ()
virtual void calc_spearation ()
virtual void calc_spearation_sub (int depth, TProteaseArray &prop, vector< TFragment > &tobe, int start=0)
virtual void show_gel ()
virtual void show_fragment_list ()
virtual double get_weight (int from, int to)
virtual int get_y (double y, int h, double min, double max)
virtual void determine_cuts (TProteaseArray &prop, TProteaseCutArray &apc)
virtual void remove_ignored_cuts (TProteaseCutArray &apc)
virtual void sort_cuts (TProteaseCutArray &apc)
virtual void add_final_piece (TProteaseCutArray &apc)
virtual void find_cutting_proteases ()

Private Attributes

wxCheckListBox * proteases
wxCheckListBox * ignore
wxCheckListBox * cuts
wxCheckListBox * results
wxCheckListBox * sep_fragments
wxListBox * sep_results
wxRadioBox * sep_num_prot
wxCheckBox * show_uncut
wxCheckBox * create_fragments
wxCheckBox * create_labels
wxCheckBox * use_proteases
TProteaseCutArray pc
wxTextCtrl * sep_desc
vector< TFragmentfragments
wxRadioBox * sortresults
vector< TProteolysisSuggestionsuggestions
vector< TProtease * > pr_cache
vector< TProtease * > cutting_proteases
vector< TProteaseCutArraypc_cache
int max_dep

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TProteolysis::TProteolysis TAminoAcids _parent,
const wxString &  title


TProteolysis::~TProteolysis  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void TProteolysis::add_final_piece TProteaseCutArray apc  )  [private, virtual]

void TProteolysis::calc_cut_list  )  [private, virtual]

void TProteolysis::calc_fragment_list  )  [private, virtual]

void TProteolysis::calc_spearation  )  [private, virtual]

void TProteolysis::calc_spearation_sub int  depth,
TProteaseArray prop,
vector< TFragment > &  tobe,
int  start = 0
[private, virtual]

void TProteolysis::determine_cuts TProteaseArray prop,
TProteaseCutArray apc
[private, virtual]

void TProteolysis::draw_gel wxDC &  dc  )  [virtual]

Draw the virtual gel.

void TProteolysis::find_cutting_proteases  )  [private, virtual]

double TProteolysis::get_weight int  from,
int  to
[private, virtual]

int TProteolysis::get_y double  y,
int  h,
double  min,
double  max
[private, virtual]

void TProteolysis::OnAll wxCommandEvent &  ev  ) 

"All" button event handler

void TProteolysis::OnCancel wxCommandEvent &  ev  ) 

Cancel button event handler.

void TProteolysis::OnCharHook wxKeyEvent &  event  ) 

Key event handler.

void TProteolysis::OnCuts wxCommandEvent &  ev  ) 

Cut list event handler.

void TProteolysis::OnIgnore wxCommandEvent &  ev  ) 

Ignore list event handler.

void TProteolysis::OnNone wxCommandEvent &  ev  ) 

"None" button event handler

void TProteolysis::OnNumProts wxCommandEvent &  event  ) 

Number of proteases event handler.

void TProteolysis::OnOK wxCommandEvent &  ev  ) 

OK button event handler.

void TProteolysis::OnProtease wxCommandEvent &  ev  ) 

Protease list event handler.

void TProteolysis::OnSepFragments wxCommandEvent &  ev  ) 

Separate fragments event handler.

void TProteolysis::OnSepResults wxCommandEvent &  ev  ) 

Separation results event handler.

void TProteolysis::OnShowGel wxCommandEvent &  ev  ) 

void TProteolysis::OnSortResults wxCommandEvent &  event  ) 

Sort results event handler.

void TProteolysis::recalc  )  [private, virtual]

void TProteolysis::remove_ignored_cuts TProteaseCutArray apc  )  [private, virtual]

void TProteolysis::show_fragment_list  )  [private, virtual]

void TProteolysis::show_gel  )  [private, virtual]

void TProteolysis::sort_cuts TProteaseCutArray apc  )  [private, virtual]

Member Data Documentation

wxCheckBox * TProteolysis::create_fragments [private]

wxCheckBox * TProteolysis::create_labels [private]

wxCheckListBox * TProteolysis::cuts [private]

vector<TProtease*> TProteolysis::cutting_proteases [private]

vector<TFragment> TProteolysis::fragments [private]

TProteolysisGel* TProteolysis::gel [private]

wxCheckListBox * TProteolysis::ignore [private]

TStorage* TProteolysis::ls [private]

int TProteolysis::max_dep [private]

TAminoAcids* TProteolysis::parent [private]

TProteaseCutArray TProteolysis::pc [private]

vector<TProteaseCutArray> TProteolysis::pc_cache [private]

vector<TProtease*> TProteolysis::pr_cache [private]

wxCheckListBox* TProteolysis::proteases [private]

wxCheckListBox * TProteolysis::results [private]

wxTextCtrl* TProteolysis::sep_desc [private]

wxCheckListBox * TProteolysis::sep_fragments [private]

wxRadioBox* TProteolysis::sep_num_prot [private]

wxListBox* TProteolysis::sep_results [private]

wxCheckBox* TProteolysis::show_uncut [private]

wxRadioBox* TProteolysis::sortresults [private]

vector<TProteolysisSuggestion> TProteolysis::suggestions [private]

wxCheckBox * TProteolysis::use_proteases [private]

TVector* TProteolysis::v [private]

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