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TXMLfile Member List

This is the complete list of members for TXMLfile, including all inherited members.

_successTXMLfile [private]
_vTXMLfile [private]
analyze(const TiXmlDocument &doc)TXMLfile [private]
get_sub_desc(TiXmlNode *base, int depth=0)TXMLfile [private]
getVector(int a)TXMLfile
load(wxString file)TXMLfile
parse(wxString text)TXMLfile
readGBintervals(vector< TVectorItem > &vi, const TVectorItem &i, TiXmlNode *n)TXMLfile [private]
readGBqualifiers(TVectorItem &i, TiXmlNode *n)TXMLfile [private]
readGBSeq(TiXmlNode *base)TXMLfile [private]
success()TXMLfile [inline]
t(TiXmlText *txt)TXMLfile [private]
t(const char *txt)TXMLfile [private]
~TXMLfile()TXMLfile [inline]

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