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TiXmlUnknown Class Reference

#include <tinyxml.h>

Inheritance diagram for TiXmlUnknown:

TiXmlNode TiXmlBase List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 TiXmlUnknown ()
virtual ~TiXmlUnknown ()
 TiXmlUnknown (const TiXmlUnknown &copy)
void operator= (const TiXmlUnknown &copy)
virtual TiXmlNodeClone () const
 Creates a copy of this Unknown and returns it.
virtual void Print (FILE *cfile, int depth) const
 Print this Unknown to a FILE stream.
virtual const char * Parse (const char *p, TiXmlParsingData *data, TiXmlEncoding encoding)

Protected Member Functions

void CopyTo (TiXmlUnknown *target) const
virtual void StreamOut (TIXML_OSTREAM *out) const

Detailed Description

Any tag that tinyXml doesn't recognize is saved as an unknown. It is a tag of text, but should not be modified. It will be written back to the XML, unchanged, when the file is saved.

DTD tags get thrown into TiXmlUnknowns.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TiXmlUnknown::TiXmlUnknown  )  [inline]

virtual TiXmlUnknown::~TiXmlUnknown  )  [inline, virtual]

TiXmlUnknown::TiXmlUnknown const TiXmlUnknown copy  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

TiXmlNode * TiXmlUnknown::Clone  )  const [virtual]

Creates a copy of this Unknown and returns it.

Implements TiXmlNode.

void TiXmlUnknown::CopyTo TiXmlUnknown target  )  const [protected]

void TiXmlUnknown::operator= const TiXmlUnknown copy  )  [inline]

const char * TiXmlUnknown::Parse const char *  p,
TiXmlParsingData data,
TiXmlEncoding  encoding

Implements TiXmlBase.

void TiXmlUnknown::Print FILE *  cfile,
int  depth
const [virtual]

Print this Unknown to a FILE stream.

Implements TiXmlBase.

void TiXmlUnknown::StreamOut TIXML_OSTREAM *  out  )  const [protected, virtual]

Implements TiXmlBase.

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