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ReadSeqVars Struct Reference

Part of the ClustalW package. More...

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Public Attributes

short choice
short err
short nseq
long seqlen
long maxseq
long seqlencount
short topnseq
long topseqlen
const char * fname
char * seq
char * seqid
char matchchar
boolean allDone
boolean done
boolean filestart
boolean addit
FILE * f
long linestart
char s [256]
char * sp
int(* isseqchar )(int c)

Detailed Description

Part of the ClustalW package.

Member Data Documentation

boolean ReadSeqVars::addit

boolean ReadSeqVars::allDone

short ReadSeqVars::choice

boolean ReadSeqVars::done

short ReadSeqVars::err

FILE* ReadSeqVars::f

boolean ReadSeqVars::filestart

const char* ReadSeqVars::fname

int(* ReadSeqVars::isseqchar)(int c)

long ReadSeqVars::linestart

char ReadSeqVars::matchchar

long ReadSeqVars::maxseq

short ReadSeqVars::nseq

char ReadSeqVars::s[256]

char* ReadSeqVars::seq

char * ReadSeqVars::seqid

long ReadSeqVars::seqlen

long ReadSeqVars::seqlencount

char * ReadSeqVars::sp

short ReadSeqVars::topnseq

long ReadSeqVars::topseqlen

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