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prettyopts Struct Reference

Part of the ClustalW package. More...

#include <ureadseq.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

boolean isactive
boolean baseonlynum
boolean numright
boolean numleft
boolean numtop
boolean numbot
boolean nameright
boolean nameleft
boolean nametop
boolean noleaves
boolean domatch
boolean degap
char matchchar
char gapchar
short numline
short atseq
short namewidth
short numwidth
short interline
short spacer
short seqwidth
short tab

Detailed Description

Part of the ClustalW package.

Member Data Documentation

short prettyopts::atseq

boolean prettyopts::baseonlynum

boolean prettyopts::degap

boolean prettyopts::domatch

char prettyopts::gapchar

short prettyopts::interline

boolean prettyopts::isactive

char prettyopts::matchchar

boolean prettyopts::nameleft

boolean prettyopts::nameright

boolean prettyopts::nametop

short prettyopts::namewidth

boolean prettyopts::noleaves

boolean prettyopts::numbot

boolean prettyopts::numleft

short prettyopts::numline

boolean prettyopts::numright

boolean prettyopts::numtop

short prettyopts::numwidth

short prettyopts::seqwidth

short prettyopts::spacer

short prettyopts::tab

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