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panel_data Struct Reference

Part of the ClustalW package. More...

#include <xmenu.h>

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Public Attributes

int type
PaneL index
int prf_no
char ** lines
char ** header
char ** footer
char ** colormask
int nhead
int nfoot
PnlActnProc callback
int pixelheight
int pixelwidth
int vlines
int vseqs
int vcols
int nseqs
int ncols
int firstseq
int firstvline
int firstvcol
int lockoffset
int * selected
int firstsel
int lastsel
int lineheight
int charwidth
int ascent
int descent
BaR vscrollbar
BaR hscrollbar
int * seqweight
int * subgroup
int * colscore
char * consensus
Boolean ** residue_exception
short ** segment_exception

Detailed Description

Part of the ClustalW package.

Member Data Documentation

int panel_data::ascent

PnlActnProc panel_data::callback

int panel_data::charwidth

char** panel_data::colormask

int* panel_data::colscore

char* panel_data::consensus

int panel_data::descent

int panel_data::firstsel

int panel_data::firstseq

int panel_data::firstvcol

int panel_data::firstvline

char** panel_data::footer

char** panel_data::header

BaR panel_data::hscrollbar

PaneL panel_data::index

int panel_data::lastsel

int panel_data::lineheight

char** panel_data::lines

int panel_data::lockoffset

int panel_data::ncols

int panel_data::nfoot

int panel_data::nhead

int panel_data::nseqs

int panel_data::pixelheight

int panel_data::pixelwidth

int panel_data::prf_no

Boolean** panel_data::residue_exception

short** panel_data::segment_exception

int* panel_data::selected

int* panel_data::seqweight

int* panel_data::subgroup

int panel_data::type

int panel_data::vcols

int panel_data::vlines

BaR panel_data::vscrollbar

int panel_data::vseqs

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